2014 ︎
We Are Not A Satellite Town
︎ HD-Video ︎ 10 min

We Are Not A Satellite Town

HD-Video (16:9), 2014
10 min., German with English subtitles

Created as part of the »Kunstgastgeber Gemeindebau« project in 2014, this cinematic work by Johanna Tinzl tells the story of everyday life in the Robert-Uhlir-Hof, a classic Viennese municipal housing estate built in the 1970s.

The main character, Lydia Fabsics, who has lived there for 35 years and is a passionate collector of teddy bears, gives a tour of daily life in the complex while dressed as a polar bear. The alienation effect produced by her costume opens up unexpected possibilities in her encounters with residents of diverse cultural backgrounds, ages, and social groups. lt appears to be easy to share with a polar bear one's experiences of, and wishes for, life in municipal housing.
The video ends with a view of a future neighborhood, where plans are currently under way for a new area to include 10,000 apartments. The artist employs the performative as a strategy to ask questions about the shared, the public, and the collective »we«.

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