2018 ︎
Position Report - The Film
︎ HD-Video ︎ 23 min 30 sec

Position Report – The Film

HD-Video, 2018
23 min 30 sec

The video installation »Position Report« is a continuation of Johanna Tinzl's audio play of the same name for the exhibition project »Mission W«, which was realised in the Wienerwald on the edge of the 16th district in 2015. This forest area was the setting of an historical location connecting the »cuckoo woman«, the »Nazi«, and other protagonists of Tinzl's participatory-acoustic intervention: the so-called »Schirach bunker«, named after Reich Commander Baldur von Schirach, who promoted its development.

As the centre of the »air raid warning system of the Ostmark«, the bunker was constructed underground in Gallitzinberg between 1942 and 1945. When the alarm »cuckoo, cuckoo« was heard on the radio before allied bombing raids on Vienna, that warning originated from here.

The only demonstrable function of the system of tunnels extending 26 metres deep into the ground was as the district control centre and a place of refuge for the topmost cadre of National Socialists when danger threatened from the air. Today, its architecture can only be reconstructed on the basis of the original plans, which are kept in Vienna's municipal and state archives. Johanna Tinzl's audio play uses a soundtrack to guide visitors exploring the site along a specific path, which corresponds to the sequence of rooms in the »Schirach bunker«, invisible on the surface.

Text: Günther Dankl
—Sound Production
Florian Pfaffenberger

—Speaker of The Nazi
Michi Strasser

—Speaker of The women of the cuckoo
Barbara Kapusta

—Speaker of The news girl
Eva Engelbert

—Speakers of The girl's choir
Veronika Barnaš, Gabi Edlbauer, Elisabeth Greinecker, Marlene Hausegger, Martina Kigle, Eva Seiler, Johanna Tinzl

—Speaker of The American soldier
Nicholas Hoffman

—Speaker of The radio announcer
Florian Pfaffenberger

Katrin Hornek

Susanne Cetnarowski, Veronika Eberhart, Philipp Fröhlich, Kalina Horon, Lena Kohlmayr, Helene Schauer, Eva Seiler, Anna Witt

Position Report - Radio Play and sculptural intervention︎︎︎

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